Ruger®Mini-14 Chassis


A full chassis system that takes your old style Ruger® Mini-14® and gives it a tactical face lift. With the integrated picatinny rails, the Ruger® Mini-14® can accept a full range of optic and functional enhancements. The lower chassis features an integrated forward picatinny rail for a variety of attachments. Complimented by a full length, one piece picatinny rail designed into the upper chassis allowing a full range of optic enhancements.

The Tactical-14 is a cosmetic upgrade only. An SSAR-15® stock will also be needed for rapid fire.

Includes: Tactical-14 Chassis, A-2 Adjustable Stock, A-2 Pistol Grip, Mounting Hard-ware and Instructions.

Due to cyclical limitations inherent to the firearm, rapid fire may not be possible with all rifles.

Only compatible with Ruger®Mini-14 manufactured after 2004

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