In most cases, modern sporting rifles chambered in .308 have a larger receiver than the standard AR-15. Unfortunately, that means that our SSAR-15 stocks typically aren’t cross-compatible. Luckily, we now offer the SBS-308® stock so you can enjoy the same rapid-fire fun with your larger ARs! The SBS-308® offers the same tactical style as our SSAR-15® SBS, but features a sturdier construction to better withstand the more intense recoil of the .308 round.

*Only compatible with rifles equipped for a mil-spec, adjustable stock. Rifles with a fixed stock or commercial tube will need our 308 Conversion Kit.

*There is no standard design for the .308 ARs, so unforeseen compatibility issues are possible.

Fixed stock models will need conversion to carbine receiver extension.
Third party sling attachments are not compatible see S.P.A.D.E.®

On Sunday, May 20, 2018 at midnight CDT, Slide Fire will cease taking orders.

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